My name is Errol, I’ve worked in the camera department for several years now. I’m an experienced camera operator who has done sit-down interviews, docu-style shoots, short films, comedy sketches, and the occasional music video. I know lighting techniques, the importance of getting good sound, and how to frame an interview. I’m well-versed in using Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, and RED cinema cameras; I also know how to operate the DJI RS series of gimbals. Having post-production experience, I always think about how each shot will flow/cut into the next shot or transition into the next scene. 

For interview setups, I have an LED lighting kit, wireless lav mics, a video tripod, and a teleprompter (if necessary). I have a lightweight gimbal setup that is great for cinematic b-roll, walk-and-talk, and dolly-type moving shots. For audio, I know how to hide lav mics, and boom overhead to get clean audio and to mitigate any audio issues. For follow-style/vérité filming, I have a handheld setup with an on-camera shotgun mic to capture any good sound bites. 

I have a strong aptitude for DaVinci Resolve and Photoshop (Pixelmator Pro). I know how to color grade (mid-level) and not just apply a LUT. Overall, I have a well-rounded understanding of the production process and project management experience. I graduated from NYU Tisch with a degree in Film & TV. And I’m looking forward to hearing about your projects and ideas.

4K Cameras

Sony FX3
Sony A7IV
20-40mm F2.8
24-70mm F2.8
70-200mm F2.8
Sachtler Video Tripod
7” Director’s Monitor

Lightweight Gimbal Setup

DJI RS3 Mini Gimbal
w/ Sony A7IV and
20-40mm Lens

Sound Equipment

Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mic
2 Sennheiser AVX Lav Kit
Tentacle Sync Timecodes
Add’l Lav Kits

Skills / Misc

DaVinci Resolve – Editing | Color Grading
Pixelmator Pro | Photoshop
NYC Driver’s License
Up-to-date US Passport